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In our Quran learning academy, we are providing the best online Quran classes to every age of Muslims residing in the UK, US, CANADA, Australia, and all other Nations. We have male and female Quran teachers who are teaching with proper Tajweed, Tafseer, and Translation. SGN Online Quran Academy is also making people learn the Prayers, Hadith, Kalimaas, Namaz, Difference Between Halal and Haram. We also make people learn basic and mandatory rules of life according to Islam.

By the grace of Allah, We are providing the platform to everyone who wants to learn the Quran and Islam. This Online Quran Academy is giving Free Trial Classes according to your availability. So avail this chance to take these best free trial classes and feel free to continue the online Quran classes if you like our services.

Online Quran Academy

Learn reading Quran online In most Convinient Ways

SGN is an international Institute. The institute offers a Quran course online at the international level for all Muslims. We are a superb platform for those who don't have any mosque or madrassa in their area to learn how to read Quran or to practice Islam. We aim to form Muslims to read the Holy Quran in the absolute best way.

The importance of reading the Holy Quran, the importance of normally reading and reading the Holy Quran with the rules reflected within the initial exhortation to Allah Almighty. We have a robust plan of Quran teaching. We use practical teaching methods so that students can learn quickly and effectively.

Take Your Class Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device.

We believe that students have different learning speeds. Some students learn quickly while some students take time to recognize letters and Arabic words and learning all the rules while reading the Quran in Arabic. So our teachers teach consistently with the student's learning speed and make sure that every student develops an understanding of Arabic words and learns the recitation of the Holy Quran anywhere and anytime.

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Our teachers are Highly Qualified and Well experienced in making the Quran lessons interesting. The Quran is the language of Scripture and this Holy book features a secret to this world and a world of all eternity. Quran is the word of Allah Almighty which clarifies its importance and we’re helping people understand the Quran and Quran memorization as well with tajweed rules.

We warmly welcome many Muslims and particularly Muslims living within the West to require the primary step in performing this noble act of reading the Holy Quran with our course online. Concentration is particularly important when reading, understanding or memorizing verses or Surahs. Our teachers are capable enough to keep you alert and focused during Quran lessons. To urge students to understand what they're learning or to find out, our teachers ask them questions.

We are better than the local madrassa in a way that we’re more honest and professional in Quran teaching. Our online lessons are amazing. Blended methods our teachers adapt for Quran teaching are dynamically efficient

So start your Quran Education with us and join our Quran course online. But confirm you begin with commitment and determination.

Device Convenience & Flexible Time

The Shibli Global Network is committed to opening up new avenues for further education within Islamic culture. The first purpose of this Quran academy is to permit Muslims to read the Quran online and to make a divine future for the subsequent generations. We have been ready to teach you the Holy Quran and religion in your home with our Quran course online.

Our highly qualified Male and Female teachers have a great understanding to conduct online Quran classes at any time you would like. They show kind and friendly behaviour towards the students. We pride ourselves on charging the most affordable fees from our students.

We provide Quran lessons for kids, youngsters and adults. It provides the simplest opportunity for college kids to read the Holy Quran easily during their time. Compared to other online scholars we are known for being Punctual, Professional and Focused. We conduct our online Quran classes on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet.

Whether you would like to find out the appropriate Recitation of the Holy Quran or learn Translation and study Tajweed rules, we are easily available to supply educational services for our youngsters and adults of all ages. All members of your family can take Quran lessons and start learning the Holy book. We will teach you fluently that you simply will enjoy your education.

All of our teachers are skilled and experienced in conducting this course online. We not only teach but also equip every student with knowledge of the Quran and Islam. Joining a Quran course online isn't difficult, You simply need a PC connected to the web and you’re ready to learn and read the Quran.

Online Quran Academy

Why Should Join Us?

All Muslims must live their life under the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. As we believe that we have to answer for our every single deed so we should live accordingly Islam.

The Quran is the Divine book and within it carries the secrets to this world and a world of all eternity. For a Muslim, it's mandatory as an ethical obligation to find out the teachings in the Holy book so that he or she is in a position to know the instructions of Allah Almighty and live life accordingly.

One must take a short time out of lifestyle to seek out the Holy Quran. We cordially welcome you to our “ Online Quran Academy " to initiate this noble deed and see it fulfilled most entirely.

• An introductory Quran course regarding the principles involved in the Holy book

• Assistance in Quran recitation, translation and tajweed rules

• Lectures on the basic Ideology of Islam and the matters concerning daily life

• Quran Memorization assistance


Regular Recitation


Quran Memorization

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Our Best Services

We are offering different services relating to learning Quran Online anywhere by highly professional Male and Female Teachers & Scholars which are available 24/7 such as:

Demo Classes

Quran Online Academyoffers free trial classes until you’re not satisfied.

• Quran Online Academy offers each class duration 30 mins for each student.

• We would also teach the basic prayers and Kalimas.

• Our capable teacher would take the trial classes according to your suitable time.

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Regular Classes

Online Quran Academy offers regular classes in which students can also continue their previous lessons if affected by the lockdown.

• Online Quran Academy giving 5 days classes in a week Mon-Fri.

• Each class duration is 30 mins.

• Online Quran Academy teaches regular classes with proper Tafseer and Tajweed rules and makes it easy for you to read the Quran with tajweed.

• This Quran Academy teaches basic Prayers, Kalimas, and Namaz.

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Noorani Qaida

We teaching the Noorani Qaida with proper rules of the Quran.

• We teach the Noorani Qaida for beginners who are facing difficulty reciting or recognizing the Arabic word.

• Our Teachers help the kids in recognizing the letters by showing them different pictures of letters and help the kid pronounce correctly by showing the origins of letters.

• Each Quran lesson duration is 30 mins which is comfortable for beginners.

• Online Quran Academy provides the best way of teaching the Noorani Qaida which helps you in the recitation of the Holy Quran.

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Prayers & Hadith

Quran Online Academy is teaching the prayers and hadith. We are teaching the several Hadith which indicates the important source of Islam not only includes the Quran but teachings of the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) as well.

• We teach the basic prayers which you can perform in your daily life.

• We will make the class schedule according to your demand.

• Class duration will be 30 mins for each student.

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Online Quran Academy is teaching how to offer Namaz in its proper way. It is mandatory for every Muslim to offer namaz five times a day to grew closer to Allah as it’s the person’s communication with Allah.

• We teach you what are the requirements to offer Namaz and how to perform every step as told by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

• We’ll help you learn every single detail of Fard Namaz, Sunnah and Nafl.

• Your class schedule will be arranged as you wish them to and each class’ duration will be 30 mins for each student.

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Quran Memorization

Online Quran Academy provides the Quran Memorization classes according to your availability.

• Memorization Quran course 3 days a week according to the days you decide.

• Memorization class duration is 1 hour.

• Online Quran Academy helps out to memorize Surahs, Prayers and Kalimas.

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